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Useful Tips & Recommendations

Neot Kedumim Park

ILTV visits Neot Kedumim Park that aims to revive the way Israel's ancestors lived during the biblical time.

One Israel Fund

The Biyar system is underground, the Arub aqueduct mainly overland which left it susceptible to pilfering and destruction and hence it went out of use many centuries ago. Solomon's Pools are not connected to the King but perhaps Suleiman who refurbished the area; the oldest dating for a section of one of the pools is Hashmonaim. The neighborhood of the deep shafts is Dagan not Tamar. This was by no means a complete tour, that's impossible with all the restrictions, but a taste of what we have beneath our feet.


Shiloh Winery

Imagine being able to walk and work in the same place that your ancestors once thrived thousands of years ago. That’s exactly what one winemaker in the Samarian hills is doing. Check this out...
Shiloh winery's new & amazing catalog:

The next time you visit Israel Test & Study this great Winery in Kazrin

Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 6.12.51 PM.png

The next time you're in Jerusalem, you must visit this nice restaurant in Beit Zaid, close to Jerusalem.

Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 6.13.24 PM.png
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